Negotiation of Collective Agreements

We assist employers in every stage of the negotiation process from the drafting of the first proposal to the conciliation and mediation process. We represent clients at the bargaining table and provide advice on strategy and language issues to clients conducting their own bargaining. We help managers and human resources personnel thoroughly prepare for the negotiation process. Our consultants have immediate research access to our database, precedent material, on-line research services, and years of experiences sitting at the bargaining table with virtually every union.

We work closely with employers to help them legally respond to the union campaign in a timely manner. Non-union employers often seek our advice on how to legally respond to union attempts to organize their workplace. We develop a communications strategy which is consistent with the employer’s approach to employee relations.


Human Rights Consulting

Advising on human rights compliance and diversity management issues. We provide training to supervisory staff with the tools necessary to manage diversity in the workplace. The focus of training is to reduce litigation and exposure to human rights complaints.


Grievance Arbitration Cases

We assist in the preparing and presentations of grievance arbitrations; advise on the selections of arbitrators, how to respond to the grievance at the initial stage and how to successfully effect resolutions of the grievance.

We will also assist in designing a dispute resolution service including the formation of labour/management committee and/or a mechanism for the mediation of labour disputes utilizing the expertise of third party mediation.


Training & Seminars

Discipline and Discharge – This seminar gives supervisors and managers the necessary skills required to effectively manage the discipline and discharge process. Appropriate approaches with respect to a wide variety of disciplinary offences are discussed.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace – Training supervisory employees responsible for this sensitive area to develop and administrate a sexual harassment policy.

Supervisory Training (Union) – We will design a program to ensure that supervisors have the basic skills necessary to successfully manage employees covered by a collective agreement. Programs are specifically developed around the terms of your collective agreement and are tailored to each organization’s individual needs.

Supervisory Training (Non-Union) – Designed to provide supervisors in a non-union setting with the appropriate skills necessary to communicate with employees and manage them successfully. We provide a review of your existing human resources policy and practices with the objective of remaining union-free.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

Advice regarding interpretation and application of workers’ compensation legislation; strategic advice regarding claims handling and objections; advising regarding re-employment obligations; and employer cooperation; representation before Hearings Officers and Appeals Tribunal.