Pioneers in Compensation & Benefits Reporting

A Long History in Ontario Wage & Salary Pay Surveys

Established in Toronto in 1943, COIRI specializes in Ontario employee compensation and other related employment issues.

COIRI was the first organization in the country to begin compiling and publishing large-scale wage and salary compensation and benefits surveys, and continues to publish the Annual Survey of Hourly-Paid Employees in Ontario and the Annual Survey of Salaried Employees in Ontario each year. These reports are the most authoritative publications of their kind and have been long recognized as the benchmarks for Ontario wage, salary, and benefits data.

COIRI also works with associations and employers to provide customized reporting on compensation, benefits, and human resources policies & practices.

COIRI has always pursued its unique mandate: to provide timely, comprehensive, and cost-effective reporting services to management in the area of employee benefits and compensation.