2024 Executive Guide

See what's inside the Executive Compensation Report

The Management & Executive Supplement

This report is an excellent supplement to the salary survey covering a short list of sought-after, senior-level positions. Approximately 20 managerial, director, and executive level titles are highlighted.

All jobs include a brief job description, and salaries and bonusses are categorized by geographic location, size of employer, industry, and annual gross revenues.

The median salary and annual bonus, as well as the 10th, 25th, 75th & 90th percentiles are provided for every sample.

Comprehensive coverage of actual and projected annual increases is also included. Data is presented for the entire province and then further analysed by the size of the organizations surveyed, location, industry, and gross annual revenues.

"Their relevance to immediate market and locations allows for more accurate comparisons when doing recruitment research and compensation reviews."