2024 Salary Guide

See what's inside the Salaried Employee Report

Annual Survey of Salaried Employees

This report details a broad array of salaried positions from clerical, administrative, business and professional positions, design & engineering, finance & purchasing, technical & field service, laboratory & quality assurance, sales, marketing & customer service, manufacturing, logistics and more.

All data in this report is presented for the entire province and then divided into sub-categories by geographic location, size of employer, annual revenues/sales, and industry, allowing users to easily compare data in multiple ways.

Every position includes a brief job description, the median annual base salary, the 10th, 25th, 75th, and 90th percentiles, as well as the median annual bonus.

Coverage of employee benefits, supplemental compensation, and many other noteworthy HR policies are covered in this report, including health and dental plans, performance appraisals, written contracts, vacation pay, paid holidays, paid sick leave & insurance, flexible benefits, pension plans, severance pay, as well as many work-life effectiveness initiatives including telecommuting, flex-time, awards programmes, allowances, various types of leave, counselling & EAP services, and more.

“Information is very easy to access and use. Very relevant for our needs and helps in assessing appropriate compensation.”