Our Ontario Compensation Publications

Unskilled, Semi-Skilled & Skilled Workers

The Annual Survey of Hourly-Paid Employees in Ontario covers key jobs in manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, distribution, engineering, and more.

Directors, Managers & Executive Compensation

The Annual Management and Executive Supplement covers salaries and short-term incentives for key managers, directors, and executive positions.

Clerical, Professional, Supervisory & Management

The Annual Survey of Salaried Employees in Ontario covers administrative, sales, business, professional, supervisory, and management positions.

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Annual Ontario Wage & Salary Surveys

COIRI was the first organization in the country to begin compiling and publishing large-scale wage and salary compensation and benefits surveys. The Annual Survey of Hourly-Paid Employees in Ontario and the Annual Survey of Salaried Employees in Ontario are in their 80th editions. These reports are the most authoritative publications of their kind and have long been recognized as the benchmarks for wage, salary, and benefits data in Ontario.

Our current editions were compiled from data collected between September 1 – November 15, 2023, and include information pertaining to approximately 200 job classifications, including coverage of many hard-to-find positions not available in any other publication. Each job includes the number of organizations reporting, the number of employees in the job, the median salary or wage, the 10th, 25th, 75th & 90th percentiles, as well as the median bonus, when applicable to the job.

Data is presented in a user-friendly format that allows individual statistics and general trends to be identified. Each job includes a job description for easy identification.

Detailed coverage of employee benefits and HR policy issues is provided, including sick leave, paid holidays, flexible benefits, absenteeism, retirement, overtime, vacation allowances, work-life effectiveness, and employee awards programs. Also included are trends in mileage allowances, wellness policies, and work-from-home arrangements as well as, information on dental and extended health care coverage, pension plans, group insurance, STD, LTD, and much more.